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4 Quick Tips for Quick Spyware Removal

Do you notice that your PC has been running extremely slow lately, or that there are times when your browser will just automatically close? Then it´s high time that you get a spyware removal. A spyware removal basically gets rid of malware that are stored into your PC. They generally steal confidential information such as your name, e-mail addresses, passwords, and even your credit card information.

Here are 4 quick tips for quick spyware removal:

1. Remove suspicious programs.

One of the things that normally happen if you don´t first verify the legality of your chosen downloaded application is that they turn out as spyware. Thus, if you think that all unusual circumstances such as reduced download speed occurred right after you downloaded a totally unknown software or that you´ve been reading negative reviews about it, then it´s ideal that you delete it completely into your system. It´s just a spyware.

2. Make use of spyware removal software.

There are different spyware removal applications that you can install into your computer. Though majority of them require payment, you can still find few that are free of charge. What´s important when you´re looking for the best spyware removal software is to always read any personal review perhaps in Google or other major search engine. You need to identify the disadvantages that go along with their installation, as well as if they aren´t actually spyware disguised as software.

Quick Spyware Removal

3. Run your firewall.

A firewall basically prevents a lot of applications from being downloaded into your PC automatically. It can also help screen any intruder that may want to penetrate into your system. Just like spyware removal software, there are two kinds of firewall, one that you can buy and one that you can´t. Looking for a free firewall is very easy, however. You can search them through Google. If you want to buy software, go for the one with a spyware removal to get your money´s worth.

4. Update your Windows.

If your PC has been running in a Windows operating system, you may need to update it regularly, especially its browser, Internet Explorer. Normally, these updates are patches that can further strengthen both online and computer security.

Updating your system is extremely easy. There are step-by-step guidelines that you can follow. All you have to do is to visit Microsoft´s Help or Support Center. Moreover, more recent versions of Windows operating system can already download updates automatically. However, you have to take note that the process may take a while, and it may slow down your PC. If you think that this is going to be real hassle on your part, then by all means change the settings.

When it comes to spyware, you shouldn´t be too complacent. One of your best defenses besides installing spyware removal software is to always keep yourself up-to-date with the different spyware that could be installed into your PC. There are numerous webmasters who have websites solely dedicated to them as well as spyware removal techniques. It may help you a lot if you can bookmark their pages and read them once in a while.

The Long Review of Windows 8 You’ve Been Looking For

Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows 8 — everyone is talking about Windows 8, and that’s definitely a good thing. If you’re trying to get things together on the Windows 8 front, you might want to actually get a good review before you decide to buy into the hype. Like a lot of big launches, we like to wait until some of the smoke has cleared before we jump into the fray with our review. We hope that it makes a difference. Be sure to send us an email to really let us know what’s on your mind. We would love to hear from you!

The first thing that you need to understand about this operating system is that there are some different “flavors” out. You have the Developer Preview, the Consumer Preview, the Release Preview, and the RTM Build. This review isn’t as timely as some others — after all, users have had time to look at the public download since February of 2012.

The reason why reviews are needed now is because made for Windows 8 hardware has popped up, and it’s time to look at everything from a final bird’s eye view.


This was challenging for a lot of “in the wild” reviewers and observers, because Windows 8 was designed to fit onto so many different platforms — new PCs, new tablets, new devices and everything in between. We’re going to try to start with the “overview” and then work our way down.

The first thing that you will notice with Windows 8 is that it is completely all about the “cloud”. This is what makes your boot up sequence very fast — less than a minute in most cases. Sure, Vista gave us a definitely speed boost from Windows XP, but it could still get slow. Windows 7 sped things up as well, but again — it could drag if you weren’t careful.

You’ll see a quick splash screen and a brand spanking new Windows logo. You’ll get a 30 second video that’s designed to tell you what to expect — including new navigation like the Charms Bar which lets you reach some new goodies. We’ll get to those in just a second.

Basically, when you boot up Windows 8 you will need to make sure that you sign into your Microsoft account. If you’re using it for Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Xbox Live, then this is going to be that same account. Every time you sign into a Windows 8 PC, your settings and customizations will follow you. That’s incredibly powerful and shouldn’t be ignored at all. You just need to makes rue that you’re thinking about trying to get the best experience possible. Microsoft does make a lot of improvements here, and we were pretty pleased. Are there some imperfections? Of course. We get a little bugged when people expect a system to be perfect. Anyone with a background in programming will tell you that there will always be bugs. Of course, squishing bugs as quickly as possible is definitely the best reaction but it can’t always be helped.

Oh, Office Fans: Office 2013 backups up to SkyDrive by default, so any document that you edit in Windows 8 will upload to the cloud. This also means that Internet access is definitely a must. However, how many homes don’t have Internet access at home, really? These days, it’s just about the top necessity that you need to consider. Don’t give up on getting things done just because it’s a new interface. We’re not done yet.

Of course, if you don’t have a Microsoft account (we’ll be honest and admit there are probably some folks that don’t) — you can set that up quickly. You can link your account at any time and you can disconnect it to have a local account. As always, you can have multiple user accounts.

For the picky set among us, you can pick which settings do get synced across all of your Windows 8 devices, and which ones do not. This includes desktop personalization, accessibility, language, app and browser settings. You can even sync your lock screen, File Explorer settings, mouse settings, password (as long as the computer is “trusted” through a quick online verification process) and your account picture. It’s the little things that count, you know.

Security is something that has to be covered here. You can not only use a standard password but also a four digit PIN to unlock the device.

Something Android fans will notice — you get to use a picture password and make a series of gestures on it. You’re limited to taps, circles, or swipes. You also need to remember where on the picture you have to make each gesture. If you can’t repeat the pattern, then you have to come up with something else. This extra layer of security can give you some serious peace of mind — how many people will not only know that picture, but know exactly where to tap or swipe on the picture to unlock your PC?

Let’s dig into the user interface, since this is one of the top places that’s “new” on the system. The Start Screen is completely changed, with a lot of colorful squares that are supposed to easily represent everything that matters to you in life.

These are called Live Tiles, and most people that are used to Windows Phone will remember them well. It’s different but it’s still pretty interesting. It’s impossible to avoid them completely.

There’s no more Start button per se that’s visible — you’ll have to hover your mouse over where the Start button usually is. You can find a shortcut to the Start menu in that Charms Bar that we were talking about. Swipe in from the right side of the screen, and the Charms Bar will appear.

You can use a pinch to zoom gesture to shrink the Start Screen. If you’re tired of having to go horizontally through a bunch of menus, this is a great improvement from previous versions of Windows.

Multitasking is so much better in this version of Windows 9 — you get to use the Switcher gesture, as well as Snap. Snap is a feature that lets you dock a window or app so that it takes up a 1/3rd or even 2/3rds of the screen. This leaves a lot of room for a second app, which you can just “snap” into the remaining space. You can move things around with ease.

Personalization is definitely here. Even though you can’t bring back your traditional Start button, you can indeed get different color themes for the Start Screen. There’s something new called Personalization Tattoos that give you backgrounds with patterns and borders. This will follow you around as you move from device to device.

King Takes the Zynga Crown

The Candy Crush Saga has helped to propel King into the number one position on the Facebook ‘top gaming companies’ list.  Players must line up three or more pieces of candy in a line in order to remove them from the board and score. Players wanting more of a challenge can aim for the higher scores by matching up four or five rows of identical candies at the same time. Candy Crush Saga has been available on the mobile platform since last November.


It’s a very simple puzzle game with limited social elements, so its success has to lie in the fact that it’s a game that allows the player to pass time alone – say riding the bus home. One of the only social elements is the option to ask your Facebook friends for free lives when you’ve used up all of your turns (otherwise you have to pay to play more). Regular players say the game is addictive – citing its fun design and delicious concept. It’s definitely built to sell iphone players on the concept of simplicity.

Interestingly, you don’t even need an internet connection to play the game. Neither does it require you have to have a Facebook account. The game has become highly successful, with 9.7 million daily players. By comparison, Zynga’s Farmville game has around 8 million players each day. One huge selling point of the game is that play is synchronised across devices. This also applies to any extras or credits you buy within the app.

King is definitely sitting pretty right now – two other of its games have held top ten positions in the past few weeks. Interestingly, the company only has 400 employees.  Zynga is by far the larger company, with 3,000 employees in total.  King has been able to utilise the mobile platform to their advantage and prove that sometimes sweet and simple together make for a winning formula.

You Gotta Look at the Acer Aspire S7

Tech reviews are all the rage during this time of year, but we can’t help it — there’s a lot of cool tech coming down the pipe. For example, have you really checked out the Aspire S7 Series? There’s some important facts that need to come into the light here.

These are touchscreen Ultrabooks, which means that they’re going to be light, they’re going to be fast, and they’re going to be convenient. The Ultrabook model has been missing the convenient tag for the most part. We think that the Acer S7 might finally give you something to talk about.

Here’s a few things that you need to know about the Acer Aspire S7.

The first would have to be the lid. You’re getting an aluminum Ultrabook with either a metal or a Gorilla Glass lid. You have a choice — 11 or 13 inch. We’re not looking for a desktop replacement here, as that would really throw off the sleek weight that we’re working with.

There’s an 1080p IPS display, which looked pretty nice in initial unboxing circles. You have a choice between the Core i5 and i7 processors, along with a RAID 0 SSD configuration. The speed matches what you would expect from the S5 that came out before it.

Let’s go deeper.

Acer Aspire S7

It’s all about the looks, baby

You’re getting a lot of glass, aluminum, and more glass. No plastic here to distract you. A lot of people had started wandering away from Acer because of the plastic components. It’s an edge to edge glass display when you open the lid, which is just …gorgeous. Yes, we’re gushing about a laptop. Don’t make fun — it’s an experience.

The 13 inch model is the one that has the Gorilla Glass cover. If you want metal, you’ll have it in the 11 inch one.

The 13 inch version has a weight of 2.86 pounds — definitely not bad at all. Thinness isn’t bad either — you’re looking at 0.47 inches. Yes, that’s right we said it — less than an inch think. That’s pretty incredible.

If you’re worried about ports, you do get covered here: 2 USB 3.0 ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, along with an SD reader — very convenient. Unfortunately, there’s no full size HDMI socket — just micro-HDMI. In addition, there’s no Ethernet jack on this puppy, but you can always fix that with an external USB dongle that allows you to plug in that important Cat 5 wire. Ultrabooks were pretty much meant for Wi-Fi, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get things moving in the right direction.

It’s Not Too Late to Surprise Your College Student With a Great Laptop!

If you missed the back to school rush on laptops, don’t worry — you still have the power to surprise your student with a really good one. If you’re still on the fence whether or not your students need laptops, listen up: they do. The old desktop just isn’t where it’s at anymore, and if you’re worried about them getting behind in school you really do need to make sure that they get their own laptop, and soon. Indeed, most cities have rolled out a lot of Wi-Fi access, which means that they aren’t locked into studying at home. They can participate in free tutoring programs and even go study at the library. If you’re worried that your home environment might not be the best place for them to honestly get their coursework done, then a laptop only helps them make the grade that much more. It’s just up to you to figure out how to get things done in the long run so that everything clicks together. But if you turned around right now and asked your teen what they really wanted, chances are good they’ll ask for a laptop

It helps with college as well. Just about every college campus expects laptops, and many professors are willing to have you bring your laptop into the lecture hall or in the classroom. Most teens can type faster than they can write, which means that it’s much easier to take notes than if they had to write everything down.

So what about those laptops, then? We’ve got a nice selection that is sure to please every budget. You can also find many laptops that are used that should still be in great condition for your teens.

1. Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra – $730

We liked this laptop because it was very, very cheap as far as long term laptops go. The Timeline Ultra M5 series is designed to keep you with great features that won’t fade out too fast. We all know how frustrating it is to go with a laptop and find that all of the features are outdated within 6 months or so.

2. Alienware M17x R4 – $1500

If you’ve got more money to spend and you really want more of a desktop replacement that’s still portable, your teen will love the Alienware M17x R14 laptop. It’s got enough firepower to handle their entire high end gaming needs. While that’s not a necessity, let’s face it — after all of that studying, they’re going to need some downtime.

3. Apple MacBook Air – $1000 – $1200

Some of you out there aren’t big Apple fans, but the MacBook Air might get you to change your mind. The MacBook Air is designed to be pretty light and still let your teen do everything that they’re going to do. What more could you want than that?

There are tons and tons of laptops, but we think that these three fall into the basic ones that teenagers will be looking for. As mentioned earlier, you can always lower the costs by looking for used items rather than brand new ones. Refurbished is always an option as well.

Always keep your eyes peeled for deals — as we get closer to Black Friday, the deals get even better…and let’s not forget Christmas! Good luck, shoppers!

Laptop shopping for students

Going to university can be a daunting experience. There are so many new things to buy and learn about in a short space of time. Finding a suitable laptop is essential to the university experience. Not only are they a key learning tool, but they can be a social lifeline. Most students will already have one, but it may not be suitable for what they need at university. Deciding on your budget is only the first step.

Taking it into university?

Many get a new laptop because they want to take it on campus rather than just leave it in halls. Lecture notes will be saved digitally and eliminates the risk of losing sheets of paper. Lightweight laptops are made with transportation in mind. Netbooks are underpowered, due to having less space for components. This may be all that you need, if the intention is to write Word documents. These work well as a secondary computer to a stationary desktop. Tablets are another popular choice. In essence, they are oversized smartphones with note taking abilities. They have a fairly large battery life and most can be recharged easily on the university computers. Ultrabooks are the latest, lightweight versions of laptops. They are an alternative to tablet devices for students who prefer to use a physical keyboard. These don’t compromise on battery life or performance, but can be the more expensive option.

Simply watching videos or intense gaming?

Even if you only intend to use your new laptop for academic purposes, the insides are just as important as the weight of it. The CPU (central processing unit) is the heart of the laptop and affects how fast it can run. A CPU of 2.0 GHz is fast enough to display online video content. This can usually be found on a dual core processor. A quad core processor would be necessary if you use your laptop for gaming. Having the right GPU (graphics processing unit) allows videos to run quicker, even if the general performance of the laptop is weak. Most laptops integrate the graphics chip with the CPU, which can easily play web based games. A separate discrete graphics chip will be needed to play larger games more smoothly. The internet is also essential. Ensure that your house has a fast internet connection and that your laptop is able to access its full potential by using an online speed checker.

What special software do you need?

If your degree requires special software, then you will need a better laptop. Without one, you could be confined to only using computers provided by the university. A quad core processor may be necessary to run certain applications, such as video editing or engineering software. The more RAM (random access memory) your laptop has, the better. Any lower than 1GB of memory can cause the laptop to run uncomfortably slow, even for simple use. 2 GB is the preferred size. Getting more, such as 4GB can be expensive and unnecessary, even for some gamers. Graphic intensive work, for those studying design or photography degrees may require more RAM to ensure that their programmes won’t crash mid-edit.

A laptop is an investment and needs careful consideration. Be careful on buying the cheapest option available, as they tend to have older CPUs. Ask friends, family and other reliable sources for the ideal brand that can cater for your needs.

Holiday Shopping Tips For Laptop Fans

Getting a new laptop is great, and if you’ve got a lot of people on your list that could really use something that’s both special and practical, we think that getting them a laptop is really the order of the day. When you think about it, it just makes sense. Even though we do have really cool desktops that can actually do quite a bit, we still like the freedom of being able to carry our laptops around anywhere that we see fit. Of course, if you want to get a new laptop for someone this holiday season, you’re going to have to do your research.

Naturally, research is really the key to getting just about everything you want when it comes to holiday shopping. The last thing that anyone wants to do is find themselves without really getting anything accomplished except for a lot of frustration and misery. That’s not on anyone’s Christmas wish list, you know — even if they’ve been naughty!

The best way to research is to make sure that you go online. It’s a great way to go because you’re always going to be getting multiple quotes on multiple products. Aside from prices, you’ll also be able to look at some of the performance benchmarks of the laptops that are popular right now.

Sure, we could list out a lot of recommendations in terms of brands, but we would rather give you a few notes about the real power in a laptop.

For example, you will want to make sure that you think about processor speed. When it comes to running multiple things on the laptop at once, it’s going to be the processor and the memory working together to deliver a great experience. If you have a slow processor, the whole laptop is going to grind to a halt. On the flip side, if you have a fast processor, then you won’t notice any delays when it’s time to actually handle multiple tasks. These days, having a speedy system is really important. If you’re going to be working away from home or you just want to make sure that you don’t miss a thing online, having the best specs is really going to make all of the difference.

So, where do you go from here? Well, it’s all about making sure that you have hard drive space — you can’t go around with a shiny new laptop without having good hard drive space to go around. If you do, you won’t be happy long. Running out of space is really not anyone’s idea of a good time. So it’s really going to be up to you to get a laptop that has good hard drive space — at least 80GB, but you will find a lot of laptops that have 320GB hard drives or better. The more space, the more power to hold the documents that you find important — and even the ones that you don’t find all that important but want to keep anyway. Hey, it’s only natural.

If you’re going to play hardcore computer games, you’re going to want to have a good video card. It should be independent of the system, meaning a separate card. Yes, that means that you’re looking at serious money, but hey — we haven’t touched on budget yet, right?

Budget is going to be important, only because it’s really all about making sure that you can actually buy what you want.

Oh wait, this isn’t about you, right? Well, if you’re really going to give someone a great new laptop this holiday season, your wants and wishes will be a great starting place. Chances are good that your wants will line up with what the other person is looking for in a laptop. Of course, you do want to calculate in that they might have a different purpose for their laptop than you do.

Don’t worry about missing Black Friday sales — these days, retailers are realizing that people really don’t want to wait in long lines anymore. With the rise of the Internet, Black Friday has had to take a back seat. Shoppers can get what they want, when they want, at the price they want one way or the other. So make sure that you keep that in mind as YOU shop — it will make all of the difference in the long run, we promise!

Acer Aspire 1830T Timeline X


Acer has been one of the competitive brands when it comes to laptop, now it brings its new addition – Aspire 1830 T Timeline X. This laptop is ultraportable, the battery is good yet the touchpad is not as good as it may seem.


Processor – i7, Intel Core

Graphics – Intel HD (integrated)

Operating System – Home Premium (64-bit) Windows 7

HDD – 500GB, with 5400 rpm

Display – 11.6 inch, resolution of 1366 x 768 in HD, LED backlighting

Memory – 4 GB DDR3

Connections – 802.11 that supports b/g/n wireless and a Gigabit


Battery – 6-cell Li-ion

Weight – 3.09 lbs.

Dimensions – 11.2 x 8.03 x 1.01-1.10


1. When it comes to performance, it does deliver well.

2. The design of this laptop is light-weight and thin.

3. Battery life is excellent.


1. The touchpad and buttons are uncomfortable to use.

2. This laptop lacks some gaming capability in it.

Some of its Features:

•    3 USB 2.0 ports

•    VGA-out

•    HDMI-out

•    AC power

•    Card reader – Media

•    Lock slot

•    Audio jacks

•    LAN


If you are the type of person who wants the portability and convenience a netbook has to offer, you will surely fall in love with Aspire 1830T. It can do multitasking plus superb video performance in contrast with its competitors has to offer. This machine right here costs roughly about $900 which is quite expensive as what average netbooks are priced at.

Aspire 1830T is the light weight and thin version of notebooks under the brand Acer. It offers long life for its battery and superb performance. At first sight, you will look at this machine somewhat the same to almost all Acer notebooks therein. However, if you are going to examine closer, it’s in the inner components that lie the difference.

The quality of its build is great even if at its size so you got a good machine in a small package. The downside of 1830T is that its graphics is a bit low since its integrated Intel HD.

This netbook is great when doing general stuff like sending emails, surfing the net, doing Office applications but when it comes to gaming, it does fall a bit short here especially for a netbook at this price. If the price will be lowered down a bit, it is definitely worth every penny spent. But with 900 bucks to it’s price tag, not so worth it.

Dell Latitude E6410


Dell has been producing different series to suit the needs of a particular market. The Latitude series is made to suit the needs of the business market. The newly released Dell Latitude E6410 boasts a 14.1 inch display that can be configured that has a processor Intel Core i7 and dedicated graphics from Nvidia.


Processor – i5 Intel

Graphics – Intel HD

Operating System – Professional (32-bit) Windows 7

Display – 14 inch, resolution of 1440 x 900 WXGA+, antiglare, LED backlighting

Memory – DDR 3, 2x 1GB

Battery – 9-cell

Weight – 5.33 lbs.

Dimensions – 13.2 x 9.6 x 1.3


1. It is easy for the user to upgrade.

2. The battery has a longer life span.

3. It is good looks good and the build quality is superb.


1. The contrast ratio of its screen lacks luster.

2. There are some hiccups on its ALPS touchpad.

Some of its Features:

•    Card slot – SD/MMC

•    VGA port

•    Security slot

•    USB port

•    Fan exhaust

•    Card slot – Smart

•    Modem port

•    Power socket

•    Network port

•    Display port connector

•    Card slot – SIM

•    Card slot – Express

•    Audio ports

•    Wireless switch

•    Optical drive

•    WiFi Detector

•    2 USB ports


When it comes to the design and overall exterior packaging of E6410 and its predecessor E6400, there is nothing much to differentiate. However, the substantial difference lies on the air vents, the newer version E6410 has a relatively larger vents compared to E6400.

The hinges on this machine remains tight even after weeks of using it. The back display is made out of metal alloy. The battery life on this notebook is really good. You need have to worry of having a presentation all shut down due to low battery capacity. The best part of E6410 is that is quite easy to upgrade unlike other notebooks you see in the market. With its good looks plus a at par quality when it comes to its build, who would not fall in love with this machine. It has more to offer to its consumers. There are tons of features that would make any user enjoy using this notebook even more.

As for durability and longevity, well, it’s Dell. It would definitely last longer and the quality will not deter over a period of time.

Can not get enough of this laptop? Why not get one for yourself now!

Samsung R540


Samsung has its very own cheaply made laptop that has a 15.6” display, the processor is i3 dual-core and priced around $699.99 – Samsung R450. But let’s see if it does pass what people are expected it to be.

This may be a very cheap laptop, but it certainly gives you an outstanding computing power. Its specifications and superb computing power make it a very ideal laptop for anyone. The Samsung R450 is one of those notebook computers that give you more than what you actually paid for. It does not disappoint and can handle your daily computing tasks with ease. If you’re only getting one laptop and you are into using heavy applications, this would definitely suffice.


Processor – i3 Intel Core

Graphics – Intel HD (integrated)


Operating System – Home Premium (64-bit) Windows 7


HDD – Western Digital, 500 GB, with 5400 rpm

Display – 15.6 inch, resolution of 1366 x 768 in glossy panel, and has a LED backlighting

Memory – 4GB, DDR3

Connections – 802.11 wireless LAN (Atheros AR9285)

Battery – 6-cell

Weight – 5.29 lbs.


Dimensions – 14.9 x 10.1 x 1.17-1.42


1. It has a decent keyboard to tap on.


2. This laptop performs well.


3. It runs quietly.


1. The touchpad is a bit small.

2. The screen is washed out.

3. The build is made out of cheap quality.

4. The battery life is somewhat limited.


5. This laptop is overpriced in contrast with its counterparts.

Some of its Features:

•    SD card reader

•    VGA

•    Ethernet


•    AC power


•    Lock slot

•    HDMI

•    Headphone and microphone jacks

•    USB 2.0


•    Cooling exhaust vent


When it comes to its exterior, Samsung R450 has a simple design but looks kind of attractive thanks to its aluminum finish (faux). The design of this laptop is somewhat minimal and constructed entirely with the use of plastic. Thus, it weighs around 5.29 pounds. Since it made out of glossy plastic, it would be much difficult to clean up the smudges.

As for the screen, it is given good protection. There will be some appearance of ripples especially when there is pressure being applied just from behind. On this aspect, Samsung fails to deliver.

Overall performance, it is at the mid-range. It response well when it comes to doing daily tasks. For those gaming enthusiasts there who would want to play 3D games such as Call of Duty, you need to back off on this one. It is not advisable to play modern games on this laptop for you will be frustrated.

For its price, it could have been lowered than that. Since Samsung R450 has not much to offer for customers out there. When it comes to simple applications, surfing the net, and others, then this laptop can do them all aside from these there is not much to expect from this model.